Wednesday, October 12, 2011

What I have Spent Money on so far this month.

Thought I might keep a list of things I have spent money on. I am trying to be somewhat more frugal lately. I think I am doing a lot better, I'm not eating fast food or going out to eat nearly as much as I was!

* $30 + $6 tip  Hair colored my treat to me for quitting smoking a month ago!
* $3.17 Hardees My Sat yard saleing food.
* $7.67 Paint for my redo, that I have not done.
* $8.83 New fan (I broke mine) also a new filter system for fish tank and a hair band. This was a discount store more bang for my buck.
* $4.37 a water, liquid skin, thermometer, Ibuprofen. Dollar tree!
* $13.25 Food for Disney on Ice My mom took us to see.  2 pretzels and 1 hot dog Choke me!
* $14.60 before the show food @ McDonald's My mom was gonna pay so she told the kids to get kids meals I was like mouth on the floor omgosh they cost a forchen. But I sucked it up and just said I would pay she did spend $66 on tickets, so food for the night was the least I could do.
* $9.98 for a month newspaper subscription, I did get a $5 gift card back.
* $5 Giftcard was used for TP.
* $6.79  McDonald's I know I know But it is still better than before!
* $6.50 yard sale money I spent
* $26. Family dollar I bought underwear for me and ds1 Storage canisters and 4 sets of bowls
* $13 new bra I can not find!

This is the last 12 days and does not show bills or grocery money Just my extras I need to work on cutting out!

Also I am heavy into dropping my water and electric bills.  The steps I am taking are.

*Cutting off all lights
*Teaching ds1 use both sides of the sink instead of constantly running rinse water.
*Showing the kids how much bath water the can get away with using, also no more showers for them.
* I did a navy shower ware you turn the water off and suds up (I even shaved). I also measured to see how much water total I use for a shower and It was less than I would use for a bath. So shower it is.
* Full washer loads
* Hanging my clothes outside to dry.
*Open and shut blinds for daylight
* have my doors and windows open in good weather
* Using my fan so I can turn up the temp in the house we are at 74% and comfy.

Can not wait to see my bills!

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Melissa said...

I would be scared to do this at this point. We have been doing terrible since I quit coupon/deal shopping.

BTW, congrats on quitting smoking! I've been quit for about 10 years, give or take. It's a lot better.