Tuesday, November 29, 2011

I Ate All The Turkey!

Ok Not All But A Lot!

He was so pretty! I want More!

I also did not make dressing this year so I am missing that also.
I may make a pan today but I always dread making cornbread
for some reason.


Melissa said...

Yum, that is a pretty bird.

We didn't get enough turkey :-(
There was enough for dinner, but nobody got to take any home for leftover turkey sandwiches the next day, which, to me, is as good as the Feast itself.

Cheap&Sweet said...

Ya I made whole nother turkey. I had 3 in the freezer, I had bought 1 @ .79c a pound thinking that would be as cheap as it would get, then Kroger had em for .59c so I bought one for $7 or so, then someone gave me a turkey! So We cooked another one for leftovers and dressing. yumm! I wont be stepping on a scale for awhile!