Monday, November 21, 2011

Well I Had This Chicken.

I had this chicken because their was this sale.
This sale had this whole chickens at .69c a pound!
So I got this here Chicken and 3 of it's siblings.


So now the question is what to do with it?
My husband wants my chicken pot pie, ok Pot Pie it is.

Well that was fine until I got up to cook the chicken.
My mind aprently left the building. I Started  Making


Chicken and dumplings with half and the other half I barbecued. So to make my husbands pot pie I had to steal a lil from the dumplings,  but over all they all 3 turned out great!


1 comment:

Melissa said...

LOL, welcome to the Midless Mom's Club. I've been here for years.

Great job pulling off the pot pie, and getting chick-n-dumplings as a BONUS! Mmm, I love chick-n-dumplings, and that BBQ chicken looks YummY!

The homemade pot pie was probably as delish, it's just not my fave (I don't love veggies) lol.