Sunday, January 1, 2012

Trying For Half Off!

Their is this blog called the Learning the Frugal life, who is doing a 31 days of nothing challenge. Well I cant do a 31 days of nothing but she did say we can make up our own rules!

So my 31 day challenge is to not buy anything that is not half off or more! I want my money to go twice as far. I don't have a lot of stockpile but I still have enough that I can wait for a good deal. Getting back into couponing after all the new rules and "THAT" show, it is not going to be a cake walk!

One way I will be able to do this is a discount store near me that often has meats veggies and other thing well over half off. Lunch meat is often times $1, cheese is very often under $2 and so forth.

My bills are as low as I can get them for now. With my electric sitting at about $55 for 4 ppl and my water and sewer at another $45-$50 a month. I have gave up my $60 a month smart phone for a net 10 with 750 minutes for $25 and the best part I got a pink phone for just $10! So the phone is way under half of what I used to pay and my electric is a third of what it was this summer, my water has been the same no matter what I do so I officially give up on it! I will not waste anymore of my time trying to get that to go lower.

I also want to keep track of my saving and spending and I posted a great savings tracker here.
This will be a fun challenge for me, Thanks LTFL!

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~Sara said...

I love your half off rule! Thanks for linking up and I look forward to reading about your progress. Way to go on the phone. Best of luck!