Sunday, May 17, 2009

Publix & target 93% & 94%

I needed a Ice bucket (I make my own Ice these days) and the drink holder is for hubby's lunch
Total for all $4.54 (before tax) saved $72.70 that's 94%

One of the chicken packs was free because last time I went it got left at the store so I called and they said just bring in your receipt next time you come in, and I did! I would normally let it go but it turned out really really easy, all she did was bag it. I cant find my receipt but I only paid $2.xx saved $27.xx that's 93% not even 3 bucks for all that meat my husband had a fit he wants to shop at target all the time! lol + he got chocolate :) He has turned in to a wonderful coupon shopper. 1 candy bar is missing Guess who???

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