Saturday, May 16, 2009

,,, just some pics my mom's sent me ( like in the mail!) ya I mean the snail kind!!

They was cleaning my freezer and did not even know it. lol

I love this pic they look so serious!

My husband on his b day At the race track they had a Easter egg hunt for the kids and lots more.

BAD BAD BAD MOM!! I dont know whats happened to my mom but she gave the kids coke I never thought id see the day. I really out to call her and at least say somthing about this.

This is my favorite pic of Ryan right now he's with the girls as we call them, my nieces

I started this blog to tell the tale of my couponing ways and all that entailed but it has Quickly became so much more. So here is a little more. Top 4 are mine, the rest my mom's sent me.

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