Friday, May 1, 2009

Counting my pennies

May 1st, day one of counting my pennies

I have had this blog scents October, and sad to say I have not done anything with it. yesterday I saw a blog that had a money saving challenge, wanna see it go here, to frugal makes cents. well call me inspired this could not have come at a better time for my family. I need this we need this. I already save thousands using coupons to feed my family, but what I am interested in is how much I can save on everything else and how is my husband gonna take it, god bless him, he is a trooper.

One thing I have been doing is saving on electricity, my husband wants the air on when he gets home from working in a hot warehouse, I am so with him on that one. So what I do is go all day with just my fans on and windows open as long as its not 90 degrees or nothing like that, then I turn it on a little bit before he gets home. Ill cut it off If we leave for a long period of time, then Ill cut it off after he go's to bed. So that is one thing I am doing to keep my bill lower And he never knows the difference:)

Another thing I do is just make sure all the lights, TV and things are off when not in use.
I think this saves us more than anything else we could do. I feel better knowing I am not being wasteful of what I have. And lord I am grateful.

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