Friday, May 1, 2009

My wags trip 4/27/09

I had 5 Nivea coupons and I love Rembrandt so I went all out at wags this week on the free after RR things. I did 9 or so transactions at 2 different stores 7 at the first store each one cost me under $2.00 but I have all of this and $19.50 in RR, so I think I did great. My only regret was they were out of the Rembrandt mouth wash I wanted.
For my new counting my pennies, I Will have to learn how to roll my RR's better than I did. I look at some blogers and they spend pennies where as I spend dollars at wag's. Before my penny counting began I just excepted wag's had me beat, but now its either learn or don't go. I just have to try a lot harder is all and Ill be fine.

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