Friday, May 15, 2009

friday totals 5/15 saved 99% publix trip and 98% for the week!!

As you can tell this is another publix trip.
15 more finish tabs had a rain check.
missing is one more neutra air.

Paid $0.69 oop
saved $76.26 that's 99%

I went to food lion last night I needed a can of sauerkraut And they had wisp candles for like $2.50 I had bogo coupons and $2.00 coupons so basically $0.25 each right? nope she paid me to take the 4 candles and the sauerkraut. Actually gave me cash, she rang the candles at full price, then rang my card in so that was a profit of $5.xx I don't like when they do that even though I come out a head it just don't sit well with me. I took it at the time but I cant quit thinking about it. I guess it was because she had already wrote the amount in and she could not change it. IDK?

On to the totals for the whole week!
spent $6.39
saved $396.15 That's 98%

I have to say I really do so much better at my shopping now that I have this blog. I used to joke with the cashiers that I loved shopping when I was broke because I would have totals like these. Now that I put it up here I don't want to get all that extra stuff and run my total up. I could go with out grocery shopping for a few months if only their were a magic milk and egg fairy. lol


iheartpublix said...

Now that is what I call savings--Great Job!!

Margery said...

Way to go! Your savings are incredible!

Couponing in Central Florida! said...

wow! That is awesome!!! Do you live in a state that doubles???

Cheap&Sweet said...

Why yes I do and its awesome!!

Megan said...

Wow, that is amazing savings! You go girl! Thanks for posting on my linky.

June said...

Way to go!! :)
Now, THAT'S my kind of shopping!!

Margery said...

Thanks for visiting my blog and mentioning about the Kroger price promise. My Mom & Dad live in M'Boro, and I graduated from Riverdale High (1987, wow, that's a long time ago!)