Sunday, May 10, 2009

....Happy mothers day!!!

I woke up this morning to burning toast!! Only another mother could understand how happy that made me. lol After all the mothers day hype died down my son ask me if their was a happy children's day I laughed and said no but their ot to be :)

Then I ran to CVS because I bought the wrong meters for the EBC's I actually made $10 on that deal because the ones I bought last night were $5 more than the ebc ones. It was a mistake and I try to never get back money from coupons but their was really no other way to do it, so I got a gift card for $10 something. I know nobody is out any money so I am fine with it but I also know their is ppl out their that abuse coupons every day and when you mess up like that you just got to hope the cashier does not put you in that category. I see these cashiers a lot and wish they understood that cvs get their money from my coupons that they actually want me to shop their. I think they see it as we come in and buy 100's of dollars worth of stuff and only pay change out of pocket they think we are working the system or something. Yes we do plan down to the penny what we are going to buy for the least out of pocket, and yes that does mean lots of transaction but it cvs did not want our coupon money they would find a way to stop us. That would be stupid of them though, they get paid for everything we take out of that store its just we are not the ones paying and that is what the cashiers either don't know or don't want to know. Corporate loves us cashier hate us, that is how I look at it. And no not all cashiers are against coupon users, actually just a few oh and all Walgreen's ones(I think it like a job requirement their lol).

Then I hit publix for the penny Item CHIPS my husband was absolutely thrilled!! So I get their and I have no coupon actually I had 2 for the glass plus, I was thinking how am I going to get the penny item I don't have anuff coupons for $10 worth of stuff so I went to check the ad (can you tell this was an unplanned stop) and found more of the SC Jonson coupons that had the free plug in. so my total was $0.50 before tax I saved 15.02 that's 97%

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Together We Save said...

Look like you got some great deals. Good job.