Saturday, May 9, 2009

.... my poor poor son

Are you selling that on eBay? This is what my oldest son said to me when I was taking a picture of his toy soldiers (his favorite toys) poor baby, its not the first time since I started this blog that he has asked me that, lol He is so used to me selling things on eBay, now that I have started this blog I take pictures of things I may wanna post about, and he thinks I am going to sale them on eBay lol I was quick to let the poor baby know I wasn't selling his toys.
Now, on to why I took the pic in the first place. well my son loves his army men and always wants more when he see them at stores or yard sales like today, he got one free and lost it, he searched high and low. I said honey you got a hole gallon baggie full up stair why don't you go play with them. I want my new one he said (I saw it, new it was not! ) OK so he found it and brought down his baggie full of army men to play. When I saw how full his baggie was It got me to thinking about how lucky we are to have as much as we have (actually I have been thinking about that a lot lately Their was a incident where someone extremely close to me did not have much in the way of food I could have helped 10 times over If I would have only knew I cant even begin tell you how it hurt me) So I wanted to let my son know how much he has and it might be a little selfish to want more. He then went on to tell me that he had another baggie full to but his brother had dumped them out! lol Out of the mouths of kids. We do donate to good will and Ryan has gave lots of his toys also. So I reminded him about how good of a thing it is to donate to those that have less than we do. But to always remember what you already have.
I feel more than fortunate. We might not have a whole lot of extra money but at lest I know how to spend what we do have, and for that I am so grateful. I see struggling family's at the stores I shop and just wish I could teach them what I know. The sad truth is I have tried to teach a few ppl that really did need to learn and they all just said it was to much work. It made me upset at first because I knew they needed to lean this as bad as I did. but it does take lots of work to do what we do, hours of searching the web daily, running to the store at the drop of a hat to get that money making deal you found on your hours of web searching, that money pays for you milk that week or your bread etc. Then theirs the actual shopping I have 7+ stores I shop at. multiple transactions some times. We have to clip sort and organize or coupons. Then we have to work out what to get with what coupons to use and how much how many whats it gonna cost. Then I have to deal with where to put it all and my house still look good lol But ppl look at coupons with their noes turned up in the air, And they pay $8.99 for toilet paper they cant even aford Ill get mine free thank you very much. Off my soap box! Ill get that free with overage too lol

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