Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Target saved 95%

I am missing one pack of chicken, some how it got left at target. And my husband ate a candy bar. But on to more important things. the water you see is the coolest looking water Ive seen in middle Tn. It's VOSS Artesian water from Norway. What's funny is when I tasted it I said that taste just like tap water. Then I read the lable and it said naturally pure water(tap water), incomparable in taste. lol oh well It looks cool anyway.
This was 3 transactions
My first total was $0.36 saved $14.28
my second total was $0.39 saved $19.80
and my third was $1.93 saved $16.00
total for all $ 2.68 saved $50.08
That is a 95% savings

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