Monday, May 11, 2009

publix trip 5/11- saved 98% & 102%

see that bag in the corner? ya that's 4 more 15 all together

This was 2 trips and I am still in awe. My first trip total was $1.61+ (Tax which was $3.24)
I saved $72.94 that's a 98% savings. Great right? I know its wrong to not be happy about this but the tax here is really high, it was $3.24 by its self so OOP was $4.85-$1.28 on a gift card I paid $3.57 .
My second trip was a lot better my total was negative -$1.08 - the tax and my total OOP was $0.70. I saved $52.48! I am not sure how to do a positive total sints I don't count tax,so I hope I got this right?. Total saved 102% I'm pretty sure that's right, let me know?
Thanks to the overage on the dish tabs I got this weeks milk & bread free. My husband looked at me like I hung the moon when he saw pies and rice pudding & chips lol I cant wait to get him the breyers Ice cream next week. Speaking of next week I think it will be a very slow week but you never know what deals can pop up.

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The Proverbs Wife said...

You will be swimming in Electrosal. That was an awesome deal. I bought 14 of'em myself. Would you mind sharing yor post on my blogs Mr.Linky. My readers love to check out how other did at the grocer.