Saturday, May 9, 2009

...I went yard selling sat 5/9

My son woke me up at 6 AM, mommy, mommy, MOMMA!! WAKE UP, we gotta go yard selling! I'm thinking ya right its raining its Saturday and its 6 am, Not gonna happen! But I told him we would go last night so off we went. I knew their was a church yard sale and a neighborhood yard sale with garages. I did not spend much less than $13 but I got a lot of cloths something for all of us, a oster rotisserie, If I don't use it ill sale it and make more money than I paid I'm sure. my son got something at all most all of the yard sales, the hulk hands you see I got them for all 3 of my boys but mostly for my husband I knew he would love them and he did, I almost could not get him to part with them lol ,Do you know what happens when you put a grown man and a 7 year old together with a pair of hulk hands chachos but it was great and nothing got broke:) and We had an awesome morning.

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