Friday, May 8, 2009

Im being productive this morning!

I'm being productive!! I woke up early and it was storming thank gosh so I looked at my computer kinda sad like (because I did not want to turn it on It was lightning on top of lighting this morning) And got to work I had stockpile to reorganize ( I think if you stockpile you have to straighten and reorganize it like once a week just to keep it looking half way decent) in my house my stockpile is in the kitchen were my desk, huge freezer, and my kitchen table is. So its a little crowded in my big kitchen but I like it better this way the kitchen is the hub of my home. I also vacuumed, swept,did dishes, straightened my living room and did a load of Landry. since I turned my computer on I have watched tv ordered coupons on ebay and also paid bills online. I think paying bills online is great it takes like 2 seconds and I know its paid and done, it also save on paper I like trying to be green, also I cleaned out my car, found a couple more deals at publix, I am going to be living their this week I swear. This week it like if its not free its free with overage! So I ordered like 80 coupons or something like that total. And I know I am going to have to get a bunch of rain checks because I know every one else will have the same coupons as me but rain checks are kinda fun when their is not any good sales going on. And you can get deals other ppl cant. To be honest I don't know why I never used coupons before a year ago or why I never got rain checks till now. Its like rebate can not stand them wont do them. but I see blogers every day their getting checks in the mail every week for more than they are spending out of pocket. but yet I wont do them. Why?

Oh on a counting my pennies note my husband has band our 1 time a week eating out. Lets see if he will stick to it :) LOL We are still drinking coke and I am just as much at falt as he is. we have cut back by like 75% or so but I am actually getting mad that I am putting that stuff in my body, so I know it wont be long before it stops.

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