Friday, May 8, 2009

more publix 5/8

Yes its official I live at publix this week! :) And I am one happy camper lol.
My run down:
plates on sale 2.00 - 2.00 coupon = free
pillie on plates for free napkin WYB plates = free
ziploc 1.99 - 1.00 flip + 0.40 coupon that doubled = 0.19 each
croutons 0.99 - 0.50 coupon doubled - free
post trail mix cereal 3.99 on sale bogo 1.99 - 2.00 Q = free
Pillsbury biscuits 0.89 - 1.00 flip + 0.50 Q that doubled for every 3 = 1.33 overage for every 3
glass plus 2.49 bogo 1.25 -0.50 Q that doubled = 0.25
This was 2 trips the first was the plates napkins and 2 glass plus total $0.16 plus tax saved $26.56 99% my next trip was high total $4.64 plus tax ouch total saved $32.66 87% The Ziploc rang up wrong Ill be getting some $$ back
I also finely got a Sunday paper actually I got 4 its all they had left: said my husband who actually went in to get them for me, he is so sweet. I know I should buy lots of papers every week I even kick myself when I don't but I always put it off then its to late thank gosh Kroger has theirs all week till they run out. we did go to jack in the box because I did not cook super! No I am not a bad wife I worked really really hard today and got a lot done I had been meaning to do for a long time. I do feel bad about the wasted money but it was nice to not have to cook or do dishes or set the table.

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