Friday, May 15, 2009

......ohhhhh nooooooooo

I don't wanna go shopping!! I am hoping this is just a today thing, and doesn't last for months like the last time! I don't know what it is my last 3 shopping trips took me about 8 hr to prepare for all 3 and I did it all at once. I already know next week sales and have not even started on this weeks, so maybe I'm just feeling over whelmed. I have also been doing my eBay thing again and that's not so easy, but I know I have to shop every week because if I don't buy the things that are on sale at their lost price with a coupon on top of that, I might have to buy stuff at full price. THE HORROR!!

On a side note I had a little yard sale today. I say little because I did not last more than 2 hours. I was board out of my mind and it was hot and only 3 ppl stoped 1 person came again back. I made good money for only 3 ppl, but I just could not sit their any longer. It would have been better if I was at home, so I may try that tomorrow. At lest Ill have my computer :) close that always makes me feel better.


Jarrard said...

I am finding that it is taking me over 4 hours now to get ready for shopping. The cashiers roll their eyes when they see me and I actually went to customer service to return items at Kroger yesterday when the cashier said they didn't take internet coupons, but the items had already been rung up. :)
My husband calls me a freak and my friends think I'm crazy. I am kicking their butts with grocery budget every month now!
My Publix trip is ready to go, just waiting for the penny coupon tomorrow. Yay!

Cheap&Sweet said...

I think ill be ok now. at least I hope so. :)