Sunday, May 24, 2009

Publix trip 5/24 saved 99%

spent .89¢
saved $103.20 that's 99%

I had an awesome trip with my husband and son. It was flawless. Thier is nine A1's instead of ten I gave an older lady a coupon when she grabed one while I was getting mine, she was so thankfull it just made my day. I left coupons for stuff around the store knowing someone will use them. Ive heard them ppl are called coupons fairys and it makes me feel good to be one.

My husband went next door to the game store and traded some games(free) so he is set and happy he also got the boy's a new game so their happy. Then we went to red box and got 2 movies so we are all more than set for the long weekend. We also stoped at Kroger to drop off a movie cube movie that was free with code. we each had a hot dog and coke cost 50¢ apiece, the money went to charity! So are cheap lunch went to a good cause. Just been a really great day all around!

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