Saturday, May 2, 2009

My wet saturday

Went to publix this morning, no picture. I just returned my danimals, and with that money I turned around and bought some more And some butter, used a $0.75 Q and a free coupon so I paid under a dollar for $6 worth of butter also some free sour cream. My poor poor husband ask me to get him a mountain dew, I knew that was not going to happen, a 20oz at publix cost $1.39 and a 2lt cost $1.50, so I got him another $0.50 publix 2lt coke. my total was $1.68 + tax =$2.37 And still have $0.48 on my gift card form the danimals :) saved a total of 83%

Also went to a couple of yard sales this morning it was raining so I only stoped at two. Did not see much but did get 4 books for a dollar one of the books is worth a lil money I am hoping I can get $20.00 for it on ebay that would be sweet. Another of the books Is Commonly misspelled words I thought I really needed that one for this blog, the other to is just to read to the boys. I also got a candle holder for a buck for my coffee table I will not be putting a candle in it, its just to collect lil stuff in.

I cleaned a lil house this morning while my son made art work for my walls lol, but then I found the charger(after looking for it for six weeks took me al of 2 seconds to find it lol) for his game boy as you can see!! He was like do what??? lol And that Is my counting pennies Saturday! Ill come back and post what I sold the book for. I see profit.

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