Friday, May 1, 2009

my publix trip

Just got back from a great trip to my favorite store Publix. My total was $6.88 I saved $26..74 thats 80% the Kashi was $0.19 each and the Danimals were $0.24 Each. I will have to take back 2 of the Danimals they are out of date :( but, I am glad I looked! Oh ya my loving husband has agreed to Quit drinking coke with me so this will be are last coke at $0.50 I just had to get one more.
Also they were out of the Schick razors so I got a rain check. I have more kashi and Danimals coupons but want to wait till Sunday and Monday for the penny Item. Last Sunday was the 6pk water and I had used all my coupons so I could only get a few. I guess I know better this week. I am just always afraid they will be out of what I need by then and I forget rain checks more than I remember them. but with my new counting pennies I will have to remember to get them when ever I can. That way if their is a bad sale week I can go shopping with my rain checks.


Michelle said...

Nice job--I can't wait to stock up on the Danimals too!
Michelle (

sweet&cheap said...

Thanks michelle, I just recently found your blog the other day I love love love it keep up the great work.