Friday, June 19, 2009

friday finals, saved 97% @ Publix

Aldi (all my great diet food)$9.00 I feel like I saved at least that much again($9.00) by going to Aldi's versus another store. saved 50%
Love this knorr rice If I had room... Well I don't so @ .05¢ overage each I bought 40 pks
plus 3 pks of bagels and one pk of lunch meat, and 2 pks of eggs
Total spent $2.19
Total saved $67.23
That's a savings of 97%

Call me lazy plz! I have went to the store a few times this week and not posted. Ill do better next week!


Tracey said...

Love that 97% savings!! Way to go!

Lisa said...

Thanks for visiting my blog. Great Publix trip. I love to donate those type of side dishes to the local food pantry.