Sunday, June 21, 2009

yard sale! 6/20 6/19

$1 The wall art! Not the husband! He is priceless (He was making super! my husband rocks!)
$1 too cute



$8.00 Its a whole set. Its still in the trunk I have to go wash it, my washer is to small for this.

Wow I got some really great stuff this weekend I budgeted $10 for yard sale's this weekend I went over by about $4 or so. Basically the reason I went over was because the second thing I bought was $8, something I have been wanting for a while (A new bed set) The other thing I went over budget for was a smoker for $2 (my husbands been wanting one of these) and that was a great price! I bought 20 pieces of silverware for a nickle each. Can some one tell me where the silverware goes it kinda like the sock/dryer deal but silverware/dishwasher maybe?

Last but not least my friend is having a baby and I saw these baby clothes so cute this is the first baby girl clothes I ever bought. I have 2 boy's. (their cloths were never this cute lol)

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