Monday, July 27, 2009

CVS first time in over a month

We spent around $8.11 and still have $8.00 in ECB's. We started out from scratch, so no ECB's. Really I just stopped going just to take a break from it all. Cvs has always been difficult form me as I cant plan ahead down to the penny like some lucky ppl can.
The Kashi I only had 2 $1.50 off Q's so they ended up being around .65¢ apiece instead of .15¢ (That would have been awesome.) free toothpaste with overage, plus $6 in free school supplies and a penny highlighter. and free CVS tampons.

Total spent $8.11
Total saved $28.34
plus I still have the $8.00 in ECB's!
Starting from scratch and the 3 box's of Kashi is why my total was so high.

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