Monday, July 27, 2009

Publix Trip 7/27

OK, play that record scratching sound in your head, like you hear in the movies when someone really messes up bad. Well that was me today, I messed up, I spent $12.12
Saved $37.56 I got things that I did not have a Q for, I got things I wanted that I did not need, also got one full price thing (Icing, I might need for the family party I might throw tomorrow to celebrate something special) Also did not throw in any money makes to get my total any lower. But with this and my CVS today I really will not need to go to the store anymore this week unless I'm getting free stuff of course.

Total spent $12.12

Total Saved $37.56 or 76%


Elizabeth said...

Praise God for an answer to your prayer! I know what you mean about being torn over blogging about it. I don't care to let my friends (real or viral) know what is going on, but I realize once something is published out there on the's there. Forever. For the whole world to see. I have already had my words used against me in a child custody battle by my ex (childish pathetic move that did him or his lawyer any good) I was also "warned" by the judge and my own attorney that the internet is not an approiate outlet to vent my thoughts or feelings....WTH?! I'm very cautious what I post on my blog, myspace and facebook, but I'm not going to let anyone dictate when, where, or how I can express my freedom of speech! I hope this helps you understand where I'm coming from. If you ever just want someone to talk to or just vent or need prayer...I'm just a few strokes on your keyboard away ;)
On another note (LOL) I gave you an award :) You can go to my blog to check it out!

Wendy said...

You did great! I think the lowest I've gotten down to is $40 something at Publix. Those darn potatoe chips are so pricey!

Thanks for visitng my blog!

Anonymous said...

I love the "record scratching" prompt in the first sentence: too funny!!

Megan said...

The record scratching reference cracked me up. Sometimes you just need a break from all the penny pinching, so don't feel bad. I'll admit, I haven't hardly used any coupons during my Kroger trips for the past 3 months. I'm calling it my summer break!