Thursday, July 9, 2009

Food Lion trip 7/9 + Arby's BBQ roast burger review

Went to Food Lion with the Hubby. Only did one big transaction. I have lost my receipt but I can round it up! If I find the receipt I'll make it right, but this is still pretty close. I feel like I spent way to much money, but I almost always do when I am with my husband Coke, chips, Ice cream, movies. But he does work hard and doesn't ask for much.
Spent $12.xx
saved $32.xx or so,

We also went to Arby's today for the free BBQ roast burger w/drink purchase, (You can find that here)We both thought the BBQ made it taste bad, but at least we know now to order it on the side or not at all And the big bonus a free regular roast beef or beef and Cheddar if we take a survey at the bottom of both of are receipts.

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