Friday, July 10, 2009

Friday Yardsales 7/10 spent $18.25

My total randomness :-) OK I really needed the fan for My desk $2, The Adidas pink booties $1 is for my friend that's about to have a girl, another book .25¢ , A pie plate .75¢ , 3 small photo frames on a ribbon .50¢, and a can of fix a flat, I have a slow leak in one of my back tires I hope this can help if not it was just .25¢
I do have a mirror obsession for $3 this one was a steal. I'm thinking of hanging it sideways instead of up and down :-)
I have been buying more and more things that are worth a lot more than I payed for them, if I sold it I would make money, This shirt is one .50¢ I'm sure I could sale it for $3
Here are some clothes for my boys their is winter and summer stuff, I just feel more prepared for winter if I have a good head start, as long as it is a good deal and one or both of my boys will eventually wear it I will buy it even out of season. All clothes I bought today were .50¢ except the underwear 22 pairs for $1, this is were my husband would say I go to far but really I'm OK with this and my boys dot know any better, yet. And of course they are in great condition.

I hit the big time, I mean Plus Size yard sale, A cheap Plus Size yard sale, I was thrilled .50¢ a piece for cute plus size cloths in my size. The lady in front of me was my size and she said to me ''she has some nice shirts''. And I just smiled my little smile, nodded my head and kept going threw the children's clothes. Had I know she was talking about My size clothes I may have knocked her down trying to get too them. lol not really. (I did not see what she got) But their was plenty of nice stuff left for me :-)


Kammy said...

Boy, you did get great deals on Friday and Saturday ! Great to buy ahead of growing kiddos !
Hugs ~ Kammy

~~Carol~~ said...

Wow, lots of great finds! I like your idea of hanging that mirror sideways. I think it will look fabulous!

Tarva said...

Love the mirror. Hate to admit it but I spend $20 on those Aeropostle T-shirts all the time. You got some great deals.

mary'smom said...

Another great day shopping!

Nicole @ BugaBoos said...

Great finds and what great deals! Love mirrors too and I think it would be awesome hanging sideways!

Linda said...

that mirror will look great hung sideways--espacially if you paint the frame.

Amy@TheLemonCottage said...

What great buys!!! You scored!