Friday, July 24, 2009

Friday Finals already? Saved 93%

Wow time has really flown for me this week. I am really kicking my self for being lazy and not posting everything I bought this week.

I had 2 other stops one was Kroger I spent .58¢
Bought 5 pks of $1 wipes, 2 .99¢ baby powder, and 2 of the $1.99 toysmarked down to .50¢ for the boys and a fajita mix .55¢
Total spent for all .58¢ ... saved $9.96

I also had another food lion trip, something did not ring up right is why it so high,
I wish I can say I fixed it but I did not their is no customer service at that time of
night and the girl was busy, so I ate it so to speak. lol
Total spent $4.78 saved $24.83

OK on to this weeks Totals!
Kroger Spent .58¢ saved 9.96
Food Lion spent $4.78 saved $24.83
Publix Spent $4.87 saved $87.63
Food Lion Spent $1.53 Saved $21.02
Kroger Spent 0 saved $16.98 (Gift Card I bought a lot of steak and lunch meat)
Publix Spent 6.00 saved $73.00 (Not sure down to the change but the dollars amount is right)

Total for the week $17.76 Total Saved $233.43 OR 93%

Plz click on the links to see pictures or better yet scroll down and see my whole week!


Megan said...

Looks like you had a great week grocery shopping. Thanks for posting on my linky.

Nashville Cheapster said...

Another great week!