Saturday, July 25, 2009

Nice day to take the boat out!

I am always in the rear!
I said watch out for seaweed. Do you see any seaweed besides where they put the boat? lol
We pulled straws for this job. Not really! Ryan was the lucky one. See how he is swinging I just new he was going to fall in, but he didn't.
Thank gosh I am a couponer or I would not have had a pair of scissors (I had to look that word up Why Is it a pair?) to cut the line off the boat!
So cute, so different, so the same!
I really like this picture!
No swimming boating or wading! At lest we did not swim! lol
I turned, saw this, took this pic, yelled, and started running at the same time! Chris wanted in on it too but I redirected him! Ryan said nanny took a picture of him doing it last time they came! Well I guess its not all that high then.
He is such a gentlemen, always oping doors for everyone, some lucky girl is gonna thank me one day.

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