Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Great Publix Trip! Saved 99.6%

At Publix I Spent .14¢ (Including tax)
saved $39.09 or 99.6%
Band-aid free with overage
Texas croutons free with overage
Taco was bogo with a coupon I'm thinking .89¢

This trip was my local discount grocer, I got some really cheap fruit, watermelon was $1.99 (I was like score) Cherry's where $1.69 lb I only got a few, one peach .69¢ lb, I spent a total of $5.66.
With all this and the amp today I feel like I had a really great day of shopping. We also went to a local FREE water park had a blast, but was kinda disappointed I left my camera at home, so no pictures.


Sarah663 said...

What is the local free waterpark?

Cheap&Sweet said...

Gregory Mills Park
390 Enon Springs Rd.
here is a link with pictures