Monday, December 7, 2009

I went to Target and made a big mess...

This was my first transaction and it went off with out a hitch. My next transaction was Charmin TP I thought you only had to buy one to get the $5 gift card but you have to buy 2 so I took it back, but here is where it gets funny they gave me full price plus the price of the coupons I used, and I used target + manufacture Q's so I got back about $2.00 more than I spent.

This is the second time this week I got paid to shop and it make me very uncomfortable. I like couponing enough to try my hardest to keep it honest so maybe my kids can do it one day. That will never happen if ppl keep abusing the system. And honestly I feel more and more ppl are doing so. Times are hard ppl are looking for more & more ways to save money
and not all of them are very honest ppl.

I feel like a year and a half ago when I started couponing their was a very tight nit community of couponers with only a few bad seeds. Now I feel its everywhere and more and more you here about the ppl who try to use 20+ Foodlion coupons at Publix and so forth. Now Publix barley take any competitor coupon. That was just an example.

Oh while I'm on my soap box, what about the ppl who make copy's of IP Coupons. Ya I know you did not go to 15 different computers to print out 30 coupons of one thing. I would say very very few ppl do this, and almost none to that extreme.

Now to apologize for my little rant. It's just getting back in to this I stumbled upon some new not so honest blogs. And even though I got more money back today than I spent it wasn't something I planed on happing. And getting paid cash to shop somewhere is never a good Idea in my book.

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