Sunday, December 6, 2009

Wags really? CVS Also?

Yep I did it, Wag's and CVS both. I ventured out early this morning. I'm glad I did It make me realize how much I miss getting free stuff, not that it was all free, but it was mostly tax.

I started out at Wag's with the Triaminic (we really needed this) could not find the $2 store coupon so that was $5.00 bucks out of the $9 I spent today, got back $5 RR. My second transaction was a the Schick Razor (which my husband loved) & a Christmas pot holder Spent only $1.10 on that got back $3 RR. I did not wanna leave with any RR because I am horrible about letting them expire. So for my last transaction I bought a Christmas cd & cup and a roll of tp. Got to get my Tp stock back up.

As for CVS I did 4 transactions. I bought the Bayer got $5 ECB, then bought the hat and mini ornaments, then another hat, then the emergen-c, and the last one was body spray and baby shampoo. I spent about $2.50 at CVS and still have a $4 ECB.

I cant wait till next week!!

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Beth said...

Hey girl! Welcome back! Thanks for the sweet comments on my blog design. I was so afraid of changing b/c I'm not the most computer literate person and I didn't want to mess anything up. But it worked out just fine. The best was FREE! I wondered if you wereo OK and if or when you were coming back to blogging. I know I get overwhelmed sometimes with blogging and couponing. I haven't clipped coupons in over a month! My stockpile was up pretty good so I was OK with not doing it. It's time to get back at it though - like you, my tp stock it down. Opened the last package this morning, LOL