Thursday, December 17, 2009

Ever Feel Like you Being Called a Liar? Scammer? For using Q's

Spent $10.xx
Saved $41.xx

The cashier was a little weird about my coupons. I had to school her on a few things, she still had to ask the Manger. Made for a long check out. But it was all good.

I don't know why But I really dislike cashiers that ask for my coupons first then match them up and then ring one thing then one coupon, over and over and over. I feel like I'm being called a liar or Scammer because I'm a couponer.

Am I wrong? Do you fell this way also?


FrugalMom said...

Great job on the savings. I know what you mean about the cashiers, but I guess they have someone looking over their shoulders as well.

Last week was a long checkout for me, as the cashier kept on doubting the coupons, would not take this, that etc.

This week it was much better. The cashier put all the coupons out, and then made sure that I had the right products. She did not scan the coupons until the end though, which really did make everything go much more smoothly.

I stopped shopping at Winn-Dixie, because they have so many issues with coupons.

Candi said...

No you are not alone on this one girl! I feel your pain. It's really hard when you have your two little kids in the cart screaming ready to go and the cashier wants to nit-pick over every single thing. Like I'm going to cheat them. Bad thing is, they see me every week sometimes twice a week!

glynn said...

I was just at Publix last night, unfortunately the only cashier available was the most negative person on earth, I try to avoid her line usually at all cost! She questions everything and wants to read each little detail on the coupons. When I bring in 50-60 coupons a trip it can make checking out a nightmare.

I have a friend who is a manager at another Publix and her staff has been instructed to scan all coupons and let the register reject them if necessary. The sad thing is there is no need to read each one in detail because the barcodes immediately indicate if they are a match or not.

I have begun to use moments like this as a way to educate the cashier. For example,I might say "I always run through my coupons one last time before I get in your line to make sure they are correct." then I go on to say "it is so exciting to me to have such a wonderful grocery store to shop at like goal is to increase my savings week over week and feed my family healthy meals! I would be glad to tell you how to do it too!"