Saturday, December 19, 2009

Want cash In your PayPal every friday?

Want cash In your PayPal every Friday? Use YouData!

You wont get rich, but I pay for a % of my eBay coupons with this money.

Lets say I make $1.09 (What YouData payed me last week) The only coupons I bought off eBay This week was only $1. Now I have my coupons for free plus .09¢ and what ever money I make of YouData for next weeks coupons.

I like this sight the most because I know they will pay me every Friday. Their is no waiting for an indeterminate time to get up to a larger amount of money.

I just know whether I made .10¢ or $10 It will be in my PayPal Friday. And I can use that money for what ever I buy using PayPal.

So go here to YouData and get paid!

Side note I will get Referral bonus If you use the above link to sign up.

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