Saturday, February 6, 2010

Can you belive it?

Can you belive it? I bought 15 Velveetas!

 I love this stuff, I missed out on the last sale so its been like 6 months sents the last time I stocked up!
 8 of the velveeta mac was only .50¢ each the other 3 I paid $1 for each one, so $7 bucks.
The cheese bricks were only .96¢ after sale and coupon so $3.84 for all.

Saved around $26.84

P.S. Can and cant wait to go buy wisk my coupons came in and its going to cost around $30 for my 10 bottles plus tax, $9.99 was normal price so I am saving 75% which is great but I just bought 10 bottles of ALL for .50¢ each. It makes it hard to buy but this is the best price's I personally have ever seen laundry soap.

P.S.S. My husband as great as he is and has been putting up with my coupon/stockpiling is even saying I need to tone it down a lil. where I do agree it's just so hard when you see stuff at such great price's. I do give lots of stuff to friends and family. We all know how good that makes us feel. His point of view is we are running out of room! lol


Melissa said...

I knoooow, I'm so spoiled with free and overage, it kills me to pay for anything anymore, even when I know it's a good price...I always try to figure out how I can get it free, lol.

My hubby said the same thing about all the stockpile stuff we have around here.
Alot of people have yard sales and sells off their excess stuff.
I wish I had a good place to have a yard sale. They used to have a community one around here, but I guess they didn't have enough participation or something.

Saving Addiction said...

Great Stockpile Price! I bought 24 bags of Free cheese!!!