Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Happy One Year anniversary! personal Not a deal! lol

Happy One Year anniversary! My husband is my life, I never thought I would feel that way about anybody besides my kids. I was one of those marriage haters till I met my husband almost 3 years ago. I knew he was the one from the word go, it was so different than all the other times, he made me light up from the inside out. He put up with my single loving ways way way longer than he should have. But I really loved being single, I just loved him more. We grew this year we had major obstacles not with us so much, the real major thing was a custody battle. We won by a landslide thank gosh! It was ruff on everyone.

I just cant stop thinking about us and our year together as husband and wife. It has been great I feel like I'm falling more in love every day. I now know what that bond we made called marriage means, and its better and deeper than I ever could have imagined anything could be. We are different form other ppl we are one we are united.  And you are one sexy man! Love you hears to 50 more years!


Lee Laurie said...

Happy Anniversary! This was the sweetest post. I can tell how much you love him! So sweet!

Lee Laurie

Cheap&Sweet said...

I really do and to put up with my couponing and stockpiling he must feel the same way. lol he even will do a deal every once in a while.

Melissa said...

Happy Anniversary! A hard husband is good to, I mean, a good husband is hard to find. Hope you have a wonderful anniversary, and many happy years to come.

Beth said...

Happy Anniversary! I'm happy you have found a good man. I know all too well about custody battles. They are SO stressful, expensive, and heartbreaking. Glad to hear y'all won yours.