Saturday, February 6, 2010

I Have Something to say about the Kroger phone

I got this when it was on sale and their was a $20 off ecoupon.
It made it $30, I was going to get the $9.99 one but this one was just so much cuter.
Anyway, It came with 300 minutes and 200 more when you bought your first phone card. That is 500 minutes! wow

The best thing is I have yet to use any of those minutes, because for every hundred dollars you spend you get 20 free minutes! The best news this is before coupons it has to be because every other time I go to the store they are texting me with another 20 minutes free! 

I have bought 1 ringtone and 2 games (on sale bogo) and I still have 20 promo minutes and  a $45 balance. I use this phone a lot I love to text And call my hubby. 

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