Saturday, February 27, 2010

Making a Little Green...

OK so I'm a total CraigsList addict. I just love it from the buying and selling, To the ppl who want you to drive 2 hours to meet them to deliver a $4 something or other, To the really nice friends you can make.

So I was selling a few Purex the other day Just to make my out of pocket back on the deal. And this lady asked me what else I had and I told her, so instead of meeting at the gas station down the road from me. I told her to come on over (I usually wont do this unless something is to big for my car) A trunk half full of stuff later she leaves a very happy lady and me well I'm tickled pink and $70 bucks richer. She only bought cleaning supplies and some popcorn but I have more stockpile room and my husband wants to know whats on sale next week. An all around great day.

Here is some of the stuff Ive sold on CL lately.

I sold 4 pks for $15, I paid $11 with tax and have 2 left for my boys.
I sold 10 of these For $15 paid .50¢ each so a good profit
Surround sound  for $10 

A TV we no longer need $10 
we also sold 2 dvd players with it for another $10

I bought this with a $5 ECB at cvs so free Sold for $5
I sold our old Mattress for $20

We bought this king size bed
At for $250 
Plus a new King size Mattress for another $250
We shopped locally for a Mattress but the best deal
 was Overstock with their $2.95 shipping!

Just a side note on my Mattress shopping I had a sales man tell me not to shop around id be wasting my time and gas. This made me upset to say the least. If you are a good sales man with the lowest prices I would think you would tell ppl to shop around and see whats out their before making your decision. 

We also had this little disaster

My glass desk we put  make an offer.
But no one made an offer and my husband saw the junk man and gave it to him 3 days later.
That night as I checked my email we got a solid $20 offer.
You live and learn I guess my husband is still kicking himself. 

Look around do you have Clutter? Stuff? extras? try


Coupon Clippin' Mommy said...

Wow, you've been lucky I have not sold much at all on Craigslist lately.

Melissa said...

Woohoo, $70 will buy alot more stuff!

Is the mattress you bought from O comfortable?

Cheap&Sweet said...

Hard as a rock but now I sleep like a baby and no back pain! Its weird but it fits to you. The best thing we can get in and out of bed without waking each other up, you cant feel the other person moving around or tossing and turning. Id give it lots of stars.

FrugalFreeLoader said...

Hey! I chose you for a beautiful blogger award! You can see it on my page

Mandy said...

I love selling stuff (and buying stuff) on craigslist!!!

Melissa said...

Do they still have them for sale? Can you send me a link, or tell me the name of it or whatever?