Sunday, February 28, 2010

Menu Plan Monday

For Monday I found this Buffalo Bacon Ranch Chicken Pizza At I am a Money Magnet! 

My husband Is on a ranch kick and it may have passed on to me! But I tell you what he, is going to love me for this one!

I also found this here at
I will switch it up and make Cheese sticks yummy.

I found this yummy rice at ALLRECIPIES.COM
I'm also going to make some fat free Bean burritos. 


I love Mexican food and we have a ton of beef to use so I thought we would have this Taco Salad 


Susan Cammack said...

What is the rice recipe called?

ToyLady said...

Oh, my, that pizza looks good! We have pizza night every Friday - that would be a great change of pace one of these weeks!

Cheap&Sweet said...

Mexican Rice II

Angie said...

Your blog has been chosen for an award :)