Friday, February 19, 2010

Target profit? WHAT? Really!

The smart rinse was .04¢ after sale and coupon.

I did pay full price for one olay to get my $5.00 gift card wyb 3.
So in the end I paid 0.50¢ for it

They are out of  gift card fusion so I just bought these to buy them .99¢ after Q

Vday cards .69¢ for next year.

Venus razor $6.99 each minus $2 coupons and gift card  cost about $2.50 each

I did the math after Target gift cards and coupons and before tax my total came to $10.19
and im getting back a $15 Olay rebate.


Melissa said...

Good shop! Fantastic find on the Smart Rinse!

Cheap&Sweet said...

Thanks Melissa