Friday, February 19, 2010

Yep I Got Denied

(Denied (sing song)
Yep got denied on the vicks puffs deal at publix to bad I just spent $4 ordering more coupons.


Melissa said...

On what basis? The coupon doesn't exclude trial size.

Glenda Lynn said...

Why did you get denied? I was doing that deal at walgreens.

Melissa said...

The brand size(s) indicated are "ANY". If it was for whatever size that box or bottle is, it would say (for example) 12 ct. or 24 oz. only. You got a cashier and/or store manager that doesn't know what they're doing and making up their own rules.

Cheap&Sweet said...

The coupon said "only for sizes intended" or some bs like that.

I went to another publix it went smooth he had a funny face but he put the coupons through.

Melissa said...

I read where it said for Size(s) Indicated, but point is, the size indicated is the wording - which was ANY - not the picture.

Glad you got to use them finally.