Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Day 4 Pantry Challenge

Day 4 and I went shopping actually I went shopping yesterday also But I only got the stuff I bought coupons for and had already planned before I started my challenge, Lysol x6 and Fiber one bars for the boys snacks,  I bought 9 packs. So not a Cheap trip but I sold all my Lysol so we needed some and we always need the snack bars.

Today we bought
* Med- large veggie tray on sale $3.99
* bananas
* strawberries
* metal Kabob skewers
* 2 Nerf guns (Easter) rang up wrong got one for free and paid $1.99 for the other
* Whole Apple pie on sale $1.49

We ate
*bacon and
* toast for breakfast.
* some of the veggie tray
school snack was
* fiber one bar
*cheese and cracker
My sons teacher is allergic to peanuts, I never noticed peanuts is a snack staple till I had to find snacks without them in it. I want to say Just don't eat or touch my sons snack but I don't!

For supper we had
* stir fry Noodles with
* broccoli
* carrots
* onion
* steak
*more veggie tray

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