Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Quick post on what we used from our pantry today, Day 3

We finished last night with
* 3 bananas (me&kids)
* 1 ham sandwich (Me) 
* Ice cream (hubby)

Today we had
* cheese bread
* shredded pork (1 pork butt cut in half and 1 cup of apple cider vinger)
* Buns
* 2 Dintimore  meals
* toaster strudel 
* fresh strawberry's
* ham sandwich ( I love repetitious eating but it drives my husband nuts)
* popcorn
* 2 cheese and crackers (school snack)


Debbie said...

I love repitious eating as well and it drives my hubby batty too! LOL


Beth said...

You husband would go crazy at my house :) We eat a lot of leftover. In fact, we are on day two of taco soup!