Wednesday, March 24, 2010

last minute run to Publix!

Spent $20.36
Saved $83.91
I had a $5 off $50  I forgot to use
and had two .70¢ coupons I forgot also

Oh and I found this

Just had to have it! She was not a happy camper. lol

 Oh no she is looking more like a boxer every day My LL wont be too happy with that.

BTW she broke a button on my new laptop (not one I use thank gosh)! And she love boxes of tissues! Its too cute good thing they are free. But the good and bad news is she is all but puppy pad trained, good its not everywhere bad its still "IN" the house, ya know?


Debbie said...

Awesome! You are my hero man!


Anonymous said...

Please tell me how you got all that swiffer for so cheap!

Cheap&Sweet said...

lets see you will need 2 coupons from 2-7pg 3-7pg cant remember which is which but one is for $1 off starter kit witch is $2.69, the other is free refill with starter kit. So $1.69 for both after coupons.

Kari said...

Thanks for stopping by to visit and for following! Your puppy is adorable!

Cheap&Sweet said...

Thanks Kari! She's my new baby!