Sunday, March 21, 2010

Wow I made money!

If you saw my post Friday I went yard sale-ing! I got all kinds of great deals when I got home I decided to sell most of it. And I did! Here is what I sold and how much.

Paid $8 Sold for $30 profit= $22

Paid $4 Sold for $15 profit= $11

Paid $1 sold for $10 profit= $9

Paid $1 Sold $5 profit $4

paid $3 sold $5 =$2 (my friend wanted this one the $2 was for gas)
So a $48 profit total!

This WII was our familys big Christmas and my birthday present, we never use it so we sold it $150
Then I turned around and bought a Xbox 360 for $100 and it came with a $30 memory card. 
My husband got the hard drive off of it for his 360 (a $60 part) and we will be selling it for more than I paid! (hopefully)
It was a really great deal the guy either did not know or did not care what he had.

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Melissa said...

Way to go, that's fantastic!