Thursday, April 8, 2010

75% off easter candy at my Kroger! Plus free with overage Biscuits!

I got my husband like 4 lbs of jelly beans, he is tickled pink with me! I know he will eat it all he has a huge sweet tooth. I paid for some of it with free with overage biscuits! I bought the (small) .59¢ ones for a total of  $2.36-.75 off 3 coupon =$1.61 got back a $2.00 OYNO.


Melissa said...

That's a good deal on the biscuits...and jelly beans (thinking of 4lb of jelly beans makes me feel kindly queasy, lol).

Cheap&Sweet said...

I feel ya I dont like them. I can do some of the cool flavord ones like dr pepper or popcorn. Just a couple.