Friday, April 9, 2010

What Happened to Yard Sale Friday?

Its a little different this week. I am having a moving sale! I've made over $200 in just a few hours! Most ppl either want everything or nothing its a little strange. I'm selling some of my stockpile so I guess some ppl don't like buying stuff that they can buy new at the store even if its cheaper, On the other hand some ppl are buying as much as they have money for.

The funny thing about my sale is all my signs say MOVEING sale! lol thanks hubby! Actually its my fault he ask me while I was bizzy and I just said ya sounds good. LOL

My husband said he was going to take the dog out when their was 20 ppl in the front yard! I was like really? Are you serious? I had ppl coming at me in 3 directions and he wants to take the dog out! He is so lucky I love him.

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Melissa said...

LOL at moveing sale. I bet it attracts attention, though, lol.

Hope you sell everything and make lots of money today.