Saturday, April 24, 2010

Food Lion trip spent $9.80 saved $34.00

I found my photo cord, but I had already put everything up, so no picture again so sorry!

*  25 cans of Mighty dog 10/$6 used $3/5 coupn = FREE
*  4 jars  Valassic relish  BOGO minus .75¢  spitter coupon = .04¢ each
*  4 jars Valassic pickle ovules BOGO  Minus the spiiter coupon = .33¢ each
*  2lbs of hamburger on sale $3.09
* Oscar Myer $1.50 after $1 coupon on package (I think they over charged me on this)
* Hot dog buns on sale .87¢
* Generic 2L Dr Pepper .79¢

Food Lion is not my favorite store but you can find some good deals from their from time to time, and I like to buy my meat their its cheap then when they mark it down its a really good deal. The quality is not prime but its decent for the price. 

Random picture because I missed my photo cord! 

She is getting so Big!

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