Saturday, May 1, 2010

I feel so absent from my blog lately..

Ive been moving for 2 weeks now, a lil here and a lil their. I have not been shopping as I don't really need anything nor do I have the money in the budget! It cost a small fortune to move.  We moved very suddenly as our building sold and we did not have a lease. So we did not have any money set aside to move, like we would if it was planned.

I put off to the last day getting rid of stuff we was not taking, luckily for us their was someone on craigslist who came and got 2 truck loads! So I took pictures and turned in my keys. So glad that is over!

Now my only problem is my new home is a huge mess boxes and baskets of stuff everywhere. I want to wash all the clothes even though they where clean. Is that weird? Im only 65% finished unpacking. We sent the kids away this weekend to get stuff done (that and we needed a break!) well so far we haven't touched one thing and im ok with that.

We did go yard selling on Friday but got rained out today. I got one huge glass jar $4 and one picture frame $2 that matches my bed frame.

My friend Melissa over @ The great Shopping game 
Said it would make a great fish bowl and I agree!
Any fish bowl Ideas out their?

I cant wait till im 100% done! I will be shopping soon im sure. I just have so much to use up these days I could go a whole month and just buy milk eggs bread and fresh fruit, which I am craving these days!


Melissa said...

Me, too, and I don't even have the excuse of having moved, lol.

slugmama said...

Get your life settled down a bit and don't worry about blogging....unless of course, you NEED to vent about