Monday, May 3, 2010

Did I Go Shopping? Yep!

Did I save a boat load of money? umm no not even close.

But I did turn this $4 yard sale find

Into This..

Try as I might I could NOT Get a good picture 

My fish are super cute! The one on the right is lucky and the other is jango.

When I set out to get goldfish I never thought it would cost so much! Here is a break down.

1 bowel to live in $4
5lbs of black rock $4.99
water treatment $3.99
fish food $2.49
fish net $1.99
one fake plant .99¢
2 super cute fish $11.98

That is $30.43 Plus Tax!

Now lets hope they live!


Melissa said...

Dang, goldfish sure has gotten expensive since I last bought any. I thought they were less than 1.00 or something.
Where'd you get them? I know the pet store where we used to get ours had a dead-fish-return policy. I believe Walmart does too.

Cheap&Sweet said...

ya they both died within 2 days! Im not a happy camper!

Melissa said...

I'm not positive, but it may be you need a live/water plant for oxygen?

Maybe need to google that, I can't remember where I heard it, so it may be I remember it wrong altogether.