Saturday, May 8, 2010

Yard Sale Saturday!

Well I totally spaced on Yard sale's Friday. So got up this morning with my youngest as everybody else was asleep my oldest son had a friend over and my DS#2 will wake everybody up if he gets half a chance so out the door we went. I told him of all the wonderful toys he could find yard selling he really wasn't to into it but I did not give him much of a choice in the matter, by the end of our yard selling he was totally in love and maybe wants to go again!

I cant believe how much money I spent on one kid some toys!

Not the best picture but He got 
chainsaw  $2
sword .50¢
Shotgun .50¢
Gloves .25¢
Dark vader Death star $1 (these were $59)
About 200 pokemon cards $1
 (I would hate to have payed full price for all them) 

$1 (Play/rain shoes)


4 sets of PJ's $1 each
1 starwars shirt .25¢

Very nice lunch box .25¢

$5 I really don't need this but for $5 I was all for it I already have it on Craigslist for $25

I also bought some clothes for my oldest mostly shorts he needed did not spend but .25¢-.50¢ each

We had an awesome day! Did anybody else have a great find?

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Melissa said...

You have some of the best yard sale finds I've ever saw. I think the people around here want to make a living at yard sal'ing, or think their stuff is worth retail prices, I don't know.